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Shore based at Kawau Boating Club: Hauraki Express has taken over the running of the fuel facility at Kawau Boating Club.  Having installed a 24/7 pay at pump dispenser the site now offers competitively priced fuel with unmatched convenience. Both Kawau Boating Club and Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron members receive a 10 cents per litre discount.

Current Kawau Prices including gst:

Diesel: $2.369 per litre

Premium Petrol (95): $3.334 per litre

About Midnight Oil: Hauraki Express’s new fuel bunkering vessel, Midnight Oil is turning heads around the Hauraki Gulf. Midnight Oil is a 12 metre aluminium catamaran with carrying capacity of 10,000 litres of diesel. In partnership with Gull Petroleum Hauraki Express has an exciting new  vessel Midnight Oil which will provide competitively priced diesel with unmatched convenience to the Hauraki Gulf.

Safety: is our number one priority and our highly trained staff take pride in our operation.  We believe that bunkering vessels on the water is the safest method of bunkering. Here’s why:

  • The full volume of our tank is safeguarded against spills by a surrounding bund, with the capacity for 110% of the full load. Midnight Oil also carries a spill kit.
  • Our pump and equipment are manually operated and can be shut down at the slightest risk of a spill.
  • All of our crew are trained in handling hazardous goods
  • Our crew will not only monitor the pump operation, but also filling of the receiving vessel, therefore limiting the risk of spill from over filling, backflow from filling too fast or fuel being forced out of the breather pipe. We’re experienced mariners and are fully trained in the operation of Midnight Oil.
  • Bunkering is an entirely marine operation and avoids the need for tanker trucks on the foreshore, particularly in the following places;
    • Pedestrian and residential areas
    • On congested roads and access ways
    • Busy work places
    • Wharves and waterside structures
    • Locations which use gravity fuelling or remote pumping, which have longer response time to a spill.

Quality Fuel: we supply the best quality fuel. Diesel is sourced from Gull New Zealand which is always “fresh” and is constantly monitored for quality and contamination.

Convenience: we’re available when and where you want us, seven days a week, within daylight hours.

Price: have you heard of the Gull effect? Hauraki Express is bringing this to the marine market by driving down the price of fuel. Our price is determined by delivery location and quantity and is seriously competitive. Get in touch for a quote, so  far our customers have found it is tough to beat.

Midnight Oil is now operational and ready to deliver diesel to your vessel. Click this link Midnight Oil S136 Skipper July-Aug 2020 to view the Professional Skipper magazine article on Midnight Oil.

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Get in touch to find out how we can bring the diesel to you

For more information contact Stuart Thomas 0274104803, stuart@haurakiexpress.co.nz or 0800 HEFUEL (0800 433 835)

Hauraki Express Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Specific to our fuel delivery, but not limited to

Only pay for the fuel you receive.

Rate and payment method to be agreed in writing before fuel is delivered.

Invoices are due immediately

Sample bottles available on request

Fill to be carried out in accordance with Hauraki Express Oil Transfer Site Marine Oil Spill Contingency Plan